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Covid-19 The Scary Market Crash...

So its finally going to happen prices are going to come down and houses will be affordable and easy to obtain with super low interest rates..... which is why I am sorry to tell you.... even with Covid-19 wrecking our economy it is not going to change entry level home prices. Now all of this is only a calculated prediction of my own and shared with others as many sides have formed on this. My prediction is that the Multi-Million dollar market is going to take a hit. The big homes were all ready seeing a downtrend before Covid-19 and now that the virus is in full swing more and more Larger Homes are up for sale and staying on the market longer. However this causes a problem as the price for big homes drop the more people will turn to the lower end market of first time home-buyers, investment, downsizes and bungalows. More of the lower end entry market prices will inflate due to a rising number of people attempting to obtain them. I am still seeing day after day bidding wars for homes on the lower end scale faster than I have seen them before.

So for all my first time buyers out there it is important to know what you want and move fast. Even during a Pandemic there is no breaks for you.

The scary thing about all this is what happens after the Pandemic ends....

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